New release “Battlefield 1942” and new song(s) in progress

Today is the day we have been talking about for a wile now. Today our Battlefield 1942 remix is release on all streaming platforms.

We are also passing the big 500k mark on Cave Story, at the moment it is “only” at 499.4k but we have about 600 plays everyday at the moment so it will probably hit that 500k mark tomorrow or if we have a “bad” day at least within 2 days. So we are super happy about that as well.

Not much else to update right now. We are currently working on 2 versions of the Hadouken theme from Street Fighter II V and hope that we can make it even better then the original. The plan is to do a Pixel Pirates styled version as well as a version with more speed and more of a happy hardcore feel to it to see what you people like the most.

Here is a link to the original song so you at least know what we are working with: