Who are the Pixel Pirates and where do they come from?

We are 2 Swedish guys (Tobaunta & Fredrik) who have been producing music both individually as well as together since 2004.

The first release we did together was a song called “No Name for This Song”.
A song from when Tobaunta got his heart broken and decided to put his feelings into music.
You can still find it on Youtube if you’re interested in hearing where it all began.

After that first experience we decided that we liked how we worked together and decided to try some collaborative songs as well as several parties to actually get to know each other away from the screens of a computer. Previously we had only communicated over the internet via messenger and by sending project files back and forth, and to this day that is still how we make songs together.

Sure, we have met a couple of times but we live so far apart and both have so busy lives with family and everything else in an adult life so we don’t really have the time to meet as much as we want so by sending the project file to each other we can still produce music together.

Outside of Pixel Pirates Fredrik drives his own company and there is where he puts his time mostly and why he doesn’t have the time for the music production. Tobaunta on the other hand is doing all he can to actually make progress. Tobaunta is the one who publish all the music, manage all social media and the homepage and are also in charge of all marketing of the music.

We both would say that Tobaunta is responsible for about 80-90% of the work but without Fredrik it would not be any Pixel Pirates.

Fredrik is the one that helps to make that special “Pixel Pirates” sound on the songs and then Tobaunta works with that sound to make the song as he wants. Tobaunta always have the final say to when a song will be released and what song we are gonna work on and if you are talking to Pixel Pirates on any social media or so, it will most likely be Tobaunta you are talking to.

The Pixelhunters project started back in 2013 after we both realized how much we both love the soundtracks of the games we play, both old and new games but mostly of the older generations. Tobaunta was totaly obsessed with the game Cave Story, both the game and the music so he started working on a remix of the song and then sent it to Fredrik for some help to make it sound better. Fredrik worked on the sound and sent the file back and after some work the first single for Pixelhunters were released on May 24th 2013.

After that single was released we both started our own company and we both dropped the music production due to lack of time but after about a year and a half Tobaunta lost his company due to bankruptcy and he had to find a new normal dayjob to pay the bills. But a normal dayjob doesnt require as much time as driving your own company so he started with a new song. This time it was Castlevania that was on the table, one of Tobauntas all time favorite games. During the time he was working on that he got a song from Fredrik called Gilgamesh. Without saying anything Fredrik made almost an entire song by himself and pretty soon that got released. It took another year before Castlevania finaly got released as well.

After that Tobaunta got in to a divorse with his wife and then got a lot of more time to produce music and with all that time he started working on Super Mario World & Monkey Island and he also found an old project for Donkey Kong Country that actually was released years earlier under his own name. He worked on all this song at the same time for about a year with some help from Fredrik and then we released them all with about 1 month apart even tho they all were ready for release about the same time.

Then something aweful happened. Pixelhunters got in to a trademark dispute and lost which ment that we had to change our name and release everything again under a new name and that is how Pixel Pirates was born.

All thanks to how awesome Spotify have been the transition was not to much trouble and Spotify have helped during this time to get our listeners to find our new name and we have had a lot of marketing inside Spotify free of charge which for small producers like us is worth so much and we can’t thank Spotify enough for making this transition so good.

After this Tobaunta found out the release date for the Crash Bandicoot remake and tought “we can make it” and started working on a remix for Crash Bandicoot. At the beginning it was all of his favorite tracks from all 3 games mashed into 1 project file and Fredrik started to changing everything at the same time he changed the sound to that special Pixel Pirates sound and sent it back. For the first time ever Tobaunta and Fredrik were not on the same page. Tobaunta wanted more of a medley song and Fredrik wanted to make a song with just the theme song melody.

Tobaunta kept working on it and when he finaly got the song to sound just like he wanted he sent it for publishing behind Fredriks back knowing Fredrik wouldn’t like the final result but he was to proud of it to send it back to Fredrik.

Thats about the entire story of Pixel Pirates until this day. We currently have a lot of started projects from a lot of games but by the looks of it Megaman X will be the next on the list. We will se what the future holds for Pixel Pirates.