New release “Battlefield 1942” and new song(s) in progress

Today is the day we have been talking about for a wile now. Today our Battlefield 1942 remix is release on all streaming platforms.

We are also passing the big 500k mark on Cave Story, at the moment it is “only” at 499.4k but we have about 600 plays everyday at the moment so it will probably hit that 500k mark tomorrow or if we have a “bad” day at least within 2 days. So we are super happy about that as well.

Not much else to update right now. We are currently working on 2 versions of the Hadouken theme from Street Fighter II V and hope that we can make it even better then the original. The plan is to do a Pixel Pirates styled version as well as a version with more speed and more of a happy hardcore feel to it to see what you people like the most.

Here is a link to the original song so you at least know what we are working with:


Our friend Manzala have now been the first to release a #ppremix on Spotify.

We are also getting very close to 500.000 plays on the original Cave Story release witch is just awesome.

On Friday we release our Battlefield song as well. A lot in a short amount of time.

Battlefield 1942

On June 8th we will release our latest song from “Battlefield 1942” that we have been posting previews of all over.

If you for some reason have missed our preview here is the biggest one yet released:

Collection Album

Due to licensing we have to release all songs again under a new name.

But instead of releasing all as singles we have decided to release all songs on a collection album with all our previously released songs.

This album will be released shortly to your store/streaming service.

It is small changes to all songs like for instance “Castlevania” will now go under the name “Vampire Killer (From “Castlevania”)” and the same for all songs so you will still be able to find all songs just as easy.

New server

Well… We have transfered our homepage to a new server and we forgot to do a backup. We are working as fast as we can to rebuild it again.

Meanwile you can have a listen to our songs on Spotify, including our new Megaman X songs.